Our Success and History.

Serving the best gourmet nuts, chocolate, spices and coffee since 1948.

Welcome to Al Rifai Bahrain

Our Mission “To be the world's best roasted nuts and coffee brand by having the best quality products, excellent service and always create new products and flavors for its customers to enjoy and love.”

  • FOCUS on roasting nuts and coffee
  • QUALITY of the products offered
  • SERVICE to the customer, the brand and society
  • INNOVATION in the products and flavors offered as well as how everyone at Al Rifai works as a team.

What we put into our roastery had to be the best and therefore what came out had to be the freshest and tastiest nuts and coffee. This is as true today as it was back in 1948 and is the promise of our brand to all our customers

About Al Rifai

Founded in 1948, Al Rifai is based on a timeless combination of traditional Middle Eastern roastery recipes and modern techniques for roasting nuts, coffee, kernels and seeds. With over seventy years of experience and knowledge in the art of roasting, we have perfected our recipes, ingredients and infusions to accommodate the most discerning of tastes. Our roasted nuts, kernels, seeds dried fruits & coffee range is the true essence of Al Rifai in every sense.


Our Locations

Zinj Branch

Shop #100, Building #106, Road 20, Block 331

Tel. No. 17271123

Riffa Branch

Building #91, Road 14, Block 914, Riffa

Tel. No. 32204003

Saar Branch

Nakheel Centre